Incentive Program

A Note of Introduction

When I first started the Student Incentive Points Program in 1997, my only purpose was . . . and still is . . . to motivate & encourage my students to do their best when working on their music studies. The cost of this Program is not included in the rates I charge for piano lessons. This is my personal reward to my students for their hard work and effort. The Incentive Points Program has changed many times over the years, but it has been very successful - and so it continues.

Each student who wants to participate in the Incentive Points Program must:

    • print & sign the "Student Agreement" page to let me know that you've read the Guidelines, that you understand what is expected from you, and that you agree to follow the Guidelines,


Please respect the nature of this Incentive Points Program . . .

remember that “learning to make music on the piano” is the Ultimate Goal that we are working for . . .

and let’s all have fun!

A Note of Description

The Incentive Points Program is just that - a "points program". In addition, each student will receive weekly points for all the other assignments & activities that are a part of music study, based on the Incentive Points Program Activity List. Students then receive "rewards" for their points in two ways, as explained below.
It has been determined that a student who does everything assigned, who reaches his or her Practice Goal every week, and who performs periodically at Community Service Performances - as well as at the Annual Recital - will accumulate approximately 10,000 points in one year.

A “Running Points Total” of all the points earned since the day lessons began will be kept in the student's Assignment Notebook. (Don't lose this notebook - if you do, we won't know how many points you have.)

Twice a year, the student's Practice Record and "Guideline Compliance" (see below under "A Note of Qualification" for more about Guidelines) will be reviewed.  

Incentive Points Program Purchase List

Students can cash-in their points at any time for the lesson-related items (metronomes, sheet music, etc.) on the Incentive Points Program Purchase List. When the student decides to do this, he or she can click on the "Purchase Request Form" link below, which will open a pdf form that can be printed and filled out. When this form is completed it can be either emailed or given to Miss Nancy person.

Depending on the item, availability, and shipping times, the student will receive their purchase within one month.

Incentive Points Program Purchase List

Gift Cards

When a student's point total reaches each “5,000 level" & "10,000 level", the student will receive a $5 Gift Card to either Cold Stone Creamery or Jamba Juice.

Students can also save their "gift cards" until they reach a specific dollar amount and then receive a larger Gift Card to the store of their choice. (For example, you can choose not to take a $5 gift card at the 5,000 level, and choose not to take the $5 gift card at the 10,000 level, and then again choose not to take the $5 gift card at the 15,000 level ... and then when you reach 20,000 points, you can cash in your total saved of $20 for one gift card to the store of your choice.

A Note on Qualification

As I stated in "A Note of Introduction", the purpose of the Incentive Points Program is to motivate & encourage my students to put forth their best effort - and it is my personal reward for their hard work.  As such, it is important for the students who want to participate in this program to fully understand what is expected of them and what I consider to be "their best effort".

The Incentive Points Program Guidelines will explain the components (or parts) of "Practice" that are important for progress in musical study, and will provide three specific Guidelines that each participating student must follow.  If a student does not follow the Incentive Points Program Guidelines, there are "warning penalties" (as explained at the end of each Guideline). . . and, if the student continues to not meet the Guidelines, there is a probation period and possibly an eventual "dismissal" from the Incentive Points Program.

I feel that these "terms of participation" in the Incentive Points Program are very fair and reasonable, considering the program's purpose and what it offers in way of "rewards".  However, I understand that life can be busy, especially when students are involved in a lot of things.  I realize therefore, that some students may not be able to regularly meet the guidelines I have set.  And I feel that the effort that these students do make is just as note-worthy as the extra efforts of the students who meet the Incentive Points Program Guidelines.  

Therefore, if a student does not meet the Incentive Points Program Guidelines and, therefore, is not participating in the "regular" Incentive Program, the student will still receive points and maintain a "Running Points Total" but can only cash in points for lesson-related items on the Incentive Points Program Purchase List.


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but a lifetime is not enough for music”
- Sergei Rachmaninov

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- Exodus 15:2 NLT