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There are many performances at Hegarty Piano Studio, from very small to very large … intended to give you, the student, as many opportunities as possible to perform in a wide variety of venues. It is important to participate in as many of these performances as possible in order to practice your performance skills, strengthen your confidence, and cultivate your ability to develop a piece to full realization.

The links below will take you to descriptions of each type of performance experience offered at Hegarty Piano Studio. An Event Calendar is also available, which marks the dates of the performances, as well as when related rehearsals & recordings occur and when written assignments are due.  

The Trophies & Awards paper includes a breakdown of the different types of Trophies and Awards, such as History Maker Awards, Recital Performance Trophies, and Audience Choice Awards … and what it takes to qualify for each one, according to Study Level.

Below the Performance Descriptions & Assignments, there are tools, tips, forms, charts, and “articles” that will help you prepare your piece - and yourself - for all performances.  

Performance Descriptions

The Painting Paragraph is an important written assignment related to your Recital piece that will eventually appear in the printed Recital Program Keepsake Booklet. This assignment is due at your last December lesson. If you turn this in early, you get 20 points for every week. You may submit your paragraph using the contact page.

Song Preparation

  • Song Campaign Stages is a chart listing the five stages of a song’s Practice Campaign, along with the five practice steps involved with each stage. The chart is set up with space for you to track your progress and make comments for future reference.
  • Countdown Chart is a chart designed to help you plan the timeline for completing a song’s Practice Campaign and/or meeting a performance deadline.
  • Scouting Report is a form to help you pre-view your song and do some “mental preparation & practice” before you actually play the notes.
  • Detail Report is a form to help you scope out your song and “take note” of all the details in your piece before you actually start to play the notes.
  • Performance Critique will explain how to write a critique of the recorded music you will listen to as part of your song’s Practice Campaign.
  • “Some Thoughts on Expression & Musicianship” is a short paper that I wrote to help you master your pieces and perform them with expression and musicianship.

Performance Preparation

  • Performance Prep Tips is a list of important suggestions & tips for how to prepare for your performance on the day before and on the day of the performance. But don’t wait until then to read them!! Get a head start & read them now.
  • Performance Etiquette is a list of important suggestions, tips, and guidelines that all students will be expected to follow during performance.



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