Parent/Student Contract

Student Is Expected To: 

  • Practice 5‐6 days per week on a regular basis. You are expected to practice the amount of time it takes to correctly complete the week’s assignments, no matter how short or long that time might be. Regular lesson attendance and practice are required to ensure proper growth and progress. Failure to consistently meet lesson and practice requirements may result in termination of lessons.

  • Keep track of your practice time on the Monthly Practice Record.

  • Keep your music materials organized and have all materials available & ready for each lesson.

  • Be ready when you arrive at your lesson or Miss Hegarty arrives at your home – and be prepared to the best of your ability, 100% willing and open to learn, and ready to give everything your best effort with a positive attitude!

  • Wash your hands before your lesson!

  • Print or ask your parents to print your Weekly Assignment and/or Worksheets from the email.  These are YOUR assignments - take the initiative - don't wait for your parents to give it to you - ask them for it!

  • Read your Weekly Assignment Sheet every day before you start to practice so you’ll know what you should be focusing on and won’t forget anything. Remember – sometimes Miss Hegarty writes things that she doesn’t tell you, expecting that you’ll read it.

  • Solano County: Reply to the Weekly Assignment email on the week between each "lesson day" to tell Miss Nancy how the week's practice went and details about any problems or accomplishments that were encountered.  Upon receipt, Miss Nancy will send new assignments.

  • Call or email Miss Hegarty right away if you have any trouble during practice time that you can't resolve by yourself.

  • Participate in all mandatory studio group activities and performances.  Arrive on time and work with other students in a friendly & relaxed way.

A copy of the Parent/Student Contract can printed using the link below.

 Parent/Student Contract - El Dorado County

 Parent/Student Contract - Solano County

Parent Is Expected To:

  • Read these Studio Policies and any subsequent changes to the Policies and immediately ask Miss Hegarty any questions you may have so that you fully understand how the Studio operates and what is expected of you as you do business with the Studio.

  • Pay Tuition and Fees on time.

  • Read the Studio Emails within 1 day of receipt & Parent Bulletins within 3 days of receipt in order to stay informed about important events and reminders and to respond if needed in a timely fashion.

  • Share equal responsibility with Miss Hegarty in maintaining open communication. If problems need to be addressed, it is best to arrange for a private time to discuss it – or to communicate by email – and refrain from talking during lesson time in front of the student.

  • Provide a quality acoustic piano or electronic keyboard for your child’s daily practice. Keep your instrument well maintained with proper care and by tuning it at least once every two years and preferably every year.


  • Be responsible for student being on time to their scheduled weekly lesson. Lost time due to student’s late arrival or student’s unpreparedness upon teacher’s arrival will not be made up.

  • Print the student's Weekly Assignment Sheets and any worksheets or music sent by email on a weekly basis so you and they can keep up to date on assignment details, and so you'll know what you should be hearing when the student is practicing.

  • Help your student find time to practice and to participate in mandatory studio group activities and performances. Limit activities before performances so that there is ample time for relaxed concentration and quiet surroundings.

  • Support your child in his/her music making. Listen to their playing and encourage them!


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