How Lessons Work

    • Hegarty Piano Studio takes things seriously - from providing comprehensive piano lessons to making sure students have fun doing it.
    • Miss Nancy strives to provide quality music lessons by integrating a variety of teaching methods, activities, and technology into each individually customized lesson.
    • Lessons focus on teaching the student how to practice and how to learn a piece of music.
    • Students will learn practice methods & use various practice tools to make practice time fun.
    • Lessons include technique, repertoire, musicianship, creative skills, and music theory, in line with the CMTA Certificate of Merit guidelines.
    • Students will learn to read notes & rhythm fluently, as well as how to recognize the patterns in music.
    • Students will learn how to decipher, read & understand the various details in a piece of music, such as articulation & dynamics.

How Online Lessons Work

    • Online piano lessons are perfect for students who live in an area with no easy access to an instructor, those who are housebound, or those who lead a busy lifestyle.
    • Online lessons work much the same as in-person lessons. With the help of various features on Zoom, such as screen share & whiteboard, the lessons are very interactive.
    • Miss Nancy will mail any Practice Packets & Supplies, Game Packets, and Theory Packets that you will need for the semester.

How In-Home Lessons Work

    • In-home piano lessons are perfect for the students who have a busy family and want to take lessons in their own home while parents are cooking dinner or helping other siblings.
    • It's more comfortable to have lessons on your own piano or keyboard that you've been practicing on all week and students usually feel more relaxed.
    • Miss Nancy will bring selections of music, games, and other supplies to the lesson so students can still take advantage of the studio's music library and Game library.

How In-Studio Lessons Work

    • In-studio lessons are a perfect opportunity for the students to experience everything Hegarty Piano Studio has to offer.
    • Students will have the opportunity to play on an acoustic Yamaha console piano.
    • Students will have access to the full music library and game library, as well as all of the rhythm & percussion instruments and can use them in the lesson at any time.

Students will need:

    • A piano or keyboard. If a keyboard, a minimum of 72 keys & at least semi-weighted is preferred. Pianos should be in tune.
    • Method books as recommended by teacher at “Meet & Greet”

Online students will need:

    • A strong and fast internet connection
    • A webcam - on a tablet, a laptop, or an external webcam
    • A tall table, bar stool, music stand, mic stand with adaptor or tripod with adaptor to setup the camera on

Hegarty Piano Studio uses the following books & materials

    • Faber, Alfred or Bastian method books according to the student’s needs.
    • Burnam’s “A Dozen a Day” and Hanon exercises as needed.
    • Pentascales, Triad Inversions, Major & Minor Scales, Arpeggios, 7th Chords
    • Supplemental challenge songs of your choice - any genre.
    • Theory Worksheet Packets & Music Game Packets
    • Online and In-Person Group Workshops & Master Classes
    • Virtual Recitals and In-Person Community Service Performances

What to Do Next

Step #1

Read the Studio Policy page which includes rates and how to make payment.

›  Online Lesson Policy

›  In-Home Lesson Policy

›  In-Studio Lesson Policy

Step #2

If you have any questions, the fastest way to get an answer is to send it on the Contact Form. You are always welcome to call at the number on the Contact page, but you will need to leave a message because due to numerous telemarketing & scam calls, I do not answer if I don’t recognize the number.

Step #3

If you are interested in fun & exciting online piano lessons, let's schedule a “Meet & Greet”. Please fill out as much information on the Contact Form as possible so we can setup a time to discuss your needs & how HPS can meet them. If you’ve had prior lessons, you will be asked to play something during the “Meet & Greet”. If you want online lessons, we will have an online “Meet & Greet”. Before the "Meet & Greet", you will receive detailed instructions on how to prepare for our meeting & a Zoom invitation with login instructions. We will also assess your piano or keyboard, find the best camera angle, & test your audio &video.

Step #4

Sign up for lessons. After the “Meet & Greet”, you will receive an Registration Form by email for you to submit, along with an invoice for your first payment. When your payment is received & if you are signing up for online lessons, Miss Nancy will mail by USPS any Practice Packets or Theory Packets you will need for the first Semester.